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Daily News is a leading newspaper with a digital edition, available to read on computers and mobile devices. Its E-dition is full of features to engage readers and enhance their experience with the paper. It also offers a subscription option for readers who want to receive the same content in print form every day.

Daily newspapers have long been a critical part of American news and information, but they have been facing a number of challenges as more people turn to digital media for their news. Their financial fortunes have been in decline since the mid-2000s, but their website audience has started to grow again.

Digital Circulation

The total amount of time that people spend reading a digital copy of a daily newspaper is hard to determine, because some newspapers do not report their digital circulation to AAM or have no publicly available data. Those that do report their digital subscriptions often do not include them in the overall figure that AAM uses for circulation, which makes it difficult to compare digital and print circulation.

Digital Revenue

As digital advertising has become more prevalent, the amount of money spent by people who get their news from digital sources has grown dramatically. But it is still an evolving industry. Its top advertisers have a variety of strategies that depend on how they target their audiences, and those strategies vary by region, brand and audience segment.

Digital Subscribers

The amount of people who subscribe to a digital version of a daily newspaper is an important measure of its popularity. It is the primary metric that many newspapers use to judge their success as publishers. It is also a key measure of the strength of their online communities, which can be crucial to their future success.

It is an especially valuable source of data for newspapers that are struggling to find a way to survive in the digital age. It can help to identify the most promising new products and initiatives, and track how these products are performing over time.

Founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson as the Illustrated Daily News, the Daily News is the oldest and most successful tabloid newspaper in the United States. It became the first American daily to reach a circulation of over 2.4 million copies per day in 1947, and it is still the eleventh-most popular newspaper in the country.

During its heyday in the 1920s and 1930s, the Daily News featured sensational stories that emphasized crime, scandal and lurid social intrigue, as well as extensive photographs. It also drew on its large staff of reporters and photographers to cover the political and social issues of the day. It was a staunchly Republican paper from the 1940s through the 1960s, but it became a moderately liberal publication by the 1990s. Today, the Daily News is a major source of national and international news for New York City. It has a local bureau in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, as well as one in One Police Plaza and several state and federal courthouses. It has also acquired several TV and radio broadcast properties, including WPIX (channel 11 in New York City), which it purchased from the Tribune Company in 1948; and WFAN-FM, which it bought from Emmis Communications in 2014.